This is the checklist I’ve created for trips with Chloe. I live for checklists. Please note that I don’t bring every item on this list on every trip. It helps me a lot, though, to collect in one place a list of every item I have, at one point or another, been grateful for or wished for. If instead you are looking for a list of items to keep in an emergency kit, or to pack for an evacuation, please check out this post.

(My husband would want you to know that he believes Chloe will never, ever need a lifejacket, but he doesn’t write the checklist. Or buy dog gear.)

Before you leave

  • Make travel reservations for your dog
  • Ensure hotel is pet-friendly
  • Ask about mini-fridge if bringing raw food or bones
  • Get health certificate from vet, if needed, within 10 days of travel
  • Confirm that your copy of your dog’s shot record is current
  • Ensure sufficient supply of prescription medications
  • Identify good local vet and emergency vet
  • Get a temporary ID tag with local address and phone number
  • Print a copy of your airline’s pet policy
  • Get directions to pet relief areas in airports where you have layovers


  • A couple of meal’s worth of food (I carry 1-2 of the tiniest Natural Balance dog food rolls)
  • A collapsible water bowl
  • A water bottle (filled once I’m past security)
  • Chloe’s leash and harness, for unfenced pet relief areas
  • Poop bags
  • Extra-good treats, to coax her back in her carrier en route
  • Health certificate (if needed) and a current copy of Chloe’s shot record
  • Prescription medications
  • Picture of your dog
  • A hand-held fan (a sensible suggestion from a Dog Jaunt reader)