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While many have heard of cold laser therapy and acupuncture for humans, these can also be extremely helpful therapeutic processes for pets as well. There are many ways to help heal pets, but some of them do not work on all species of pets, can be expensive, or are invasive. Cold laser therapy and acupuncture are a great ways to help your pet recover more quickly from injuries with less pain and discomfort. Continue reading to learn more about cold laser therapy and acupuncture for pets.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy and Acupuncture?

Cold laser therapy is a process that boosts blood circulation and helps the regeneration of cells speed up with the use of light. Since this procedure uses light, it is non-invasive, making it a less-serious option to deal with different injuries a pet may have. Cold laser therapy uses a low-intensity light, so only the surface tissues and more shallow tissues, which makes it perfect for use with a variety of sources of pain pets may have.

Acupuncture is a type of healing practice that stimulates various parts of a body in order to produce a healing effect on the surrounding tissues. Acupuncture can be performed with tiny needles, or with laser acupuncture, depending on the discretion of the pet’s owner. Acupuncture can be used to treat different problems commonly experienced by pets.

What Can Cold Laser Therapy and Acupuncture Help With?

Cold laser therapy and acupuncture are very versatile healing practices that can help with a wide variety of different problems experienced by dogs and cats, as well as other pets. At Buena Vet, one of the common problems that both processes can help with is arthritis. Arthritis is very common in dogs and cats, and it can cause problems with mobility, serious pain, and a decreased quality of life. One of the more interesting uses of laser therapy and acupuncture is aiding the healing of parts of the pet’s body that underwent surgery. The two processes can be used to treat any sprains that an animal may have experienced while playing. Any problems with nerves and discs in causing problems with the pet’s back can also be treated. There are many other maladies that have been found to be improved by cold laser therapy and acupuncture.

What Are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy and Acupuncture?

There are many reasons that cold laser therapy and acupuncture should be considered as a first choice for many different pet health situations. One of the most important to consider is that these processes are non-invasive. While most surgeries, especially minor ones, go smoothly with no complications, there is always a slim chance of infection or a reaction. With cold laser therapy and acupuncture, this is not a problem.

A great benefit of cold laser therapy and acupuncture is that it does not require your pet to be heavily dependent on various medications for pain relief, anti-inflammation, and other purposes. This not only saves you money, but it also negates the need to have your pet taking all kinds of medicines at once. Another reason to consider giving these two treatments a try is that they are very fast and will not take up a large amount of time. Even if your pet has to come back at a regular interval, there will be little time spent at the vet office, as most laser therapy sessions last around 15 minutes. Acupuncture appointments may take a little bit longer, though they usually average around 25-30 minutes, as the process moves a little more slowly than laser therapy.

How Do the Processes Work?

    Cold laser therapy is a very fast and simple process that can be used to treat localized areas on a pet’s body. In fact, most pets will enjoy the cold laser therapy process, as there is a release of endorphins that occurs, helping pets to relax and feel secure. While they feel safe and secure, vets are able to use the laser on the area of concern, using the laser to stimulate healing and pain relief in that area. Once this is done, the pet is good to go. These sessions can be done often until healing is finished, and can be continued at intervals for any type of chronic pain a pet is experiencing.

Acupuncture is also a fast and simple process that is used to promote the healing of the pet’s body. During a typical acupuncture visit, a pet will be in a room with its owner and a vet. The vet will place the acupuncture needles at various points on the pet’s body. These needles rarely cause pain, and many pets will even fall asleep during the acupuncture process. Similar to laser therapy, these sessions can be repeated as much as necessary, until healing has finished, or at intervals for chronic problems.

Where Can My Pet Receive These Treatments?

Since cold laser therapy and acupuncture for pets is still fairly new to many places around the United States, it is important to do research before you go to a veterinarian’s office. Buena Vet, located in Ventura, California, provides cold laser therapy and acupuncture for pets to help the healing process for a variety of health problems. Give us a call to learn more about cold laser therapy and acupuncture.