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Pet Behavior- Why To Train And What To Know

There are a wide variety of behavioral issues in animals. From separation anxiety to fear of loud sounds, it’s important to get your furry friend treated for these issues. Buena Vet is here to explain why your animal is having these issues and what to do about it.

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What Do These Issues Mean?

There are many potential behavior problems that you may face with your animal. A lot of these behavioral issues span from the natural instinct of the animal. Luckily, there are ways to deal with these issues. Some more common issues found in both cats and dogs include:



Aggression is the first behavioral issue that pops into pet owners minds. Aggressive animals can be dangerous to themselves, you, and other animals. Aggression spans from the natural instinct in both cats and dogs to get up in the face of danger and scare it away. It’s a fear-based reaction. So, if someone your dog doesn’t recognize comes over, your dog may react aggressively out of fear. If a cat notices another cat, they will react aggressively to defend their territory. This is a very common problem and, fortunately, one that isn’t too difficult to fix.


Food Guarding

Food guarding is another prevalent issue. This issue spans from the natural instinct in dogs to guard their resources. When dogs lived in the wild, they had to defend resources from other competing animals. This has been ingrained in their day-to-day instincts. Even a calm dog may become defensive when eating. Through a variety of training methods, this issue is one that can be nipped in the bud quickly.


Nipping and Play Biting

Animals like to feel a sense of danger when they play. It’s part of what makes it exciting and fun! With this comes nipping and play biting. These may not be intended to harm you, but they can sure do that. Because of that, this particular habit is one that most pet owners want to get rid of as soon as they can. By training your dog young, you can eliminate this from becoming a habit engrained in them throughout their life. If your dog is mature, this habit can be broken by a professional.


Separation Anxiety

This behavior is more common in dogs, but it’s not rare to see a cat with separation anxiety either. This habit is one that needs to be treated as soon as its symptoms are noticed due to the danger it can put the dog in. When a dog or cat experiences separation anxiety they will commonly attempt to escape the house. This can result in both property damage as well as damage to themselves. The attempts to escape made by dogs are often extreme, usually attempting to break through a window or scratch open a door. This can be a very serious behavioral issue and should be addressed as soon as possible.


Destructiveness is common in both cats and dogs. Cats are especially prone to damaging furniture by scratching on it in order to shorten their nails. Though this is harmless to them and comes naturally, it creates frustration for the pet owner. Luckily, like most behaviors, destructiveness is a trait that can be eliminated from the animal. This can be done through a variety of methods such as buying a scratching post, putting tape on your furniture, or teaching the cat that scratching furniture is not allowed.


Urine Marking

Urine marking is a problem that many cat owners face. Cats are particularly territorial animals and mark territory by urinating around the land. But, to the cat, your house isn’t seen as a house. It’s seen as their territory and, therefore, they feel the need to mark it. Your cat may urinate on your walls, your bed, or your floor. This is frustrating for homeowners and can be a problem that damages your house as well. Teaching your cats not to urinate from a young age is the best method, especially when a professional does it.



Both barking and meowing are ways cats and dogs communicate with humans. When they want to grab our attention, cats and dogs will bark or meow. Some pets, however, do this too often. Non-stop barking or meowing can keep you awake at night and create frustration. By using a behavioral specialist, your pet will be taught that excessive barking or meowing is not acceptable.

Why This Matters To Veterinarians

Veterinarians can be viewed as a threat by animals. Because we handle pets that are new to the situation and environment, along with smelling many different animals, your pet may experience high-stress levels. Our Fear Free Certified Veterinarian team ensures that your pet is happy and comfortable throughout the visit. Furthermore, if we find that your animal has behavioral problems, we’ll be able to prescribe medicine to treat it. We’ll also guide you on how to handle your animal at home and discourage unwanted behaviors. Buena Vet is here for all of your pet needs, no matter what!