As marijuana is legalized more and more across the United States, CBD products become increasingly popular. Use for pets has also become a popular topic, with some debate as to the safety and effectiveness of its usage.

Cannabis is prohibited on a federal level but is legal in many states. Dispensaries are a growing industry and some pet and grocery stores now carry CBD products. So, what is it and how does it affect our pets?

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a chemical taken from the cannabis plant, generally in an oil form. Despite the confusion with marijuana and THC, CBD does not alone carry the properties that make a person or pet “high”. Some products do offer CBD products that contain THC, however.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in some cultures, often as medicine or as a part of traditional ceremonies. Despite a long history of use, there is still controversy over whether it is a safe substance. Luckily studies have been conducted that shed some light on the subject.

Is it Safe?

Worrying about the well-being of your pet is normal and expected. With so many fantastic claims of the benefits of CBD products, you may be wondering if it is safe enough to give to your beloved pet.

Luckily, it is regarded as very safe for pets, with studies showing almost no negative side effects. On the contrary, some studies have shown significant health benefits from regular use. There are countless claims that CBD has decreased the number of seizures in epileptic animals, aided with anxiety and other behavioral problems, and improved overall health, especially for skin and hair.

Studies regarding the use of CBD for both humans and pets are fairly new, and more are in the works. The long-term effects of consistent use are unknown, but studies appear to be optimistic.

Common Uses

  • Anxiety- This is a huge reason that many pet owners purchase CBD products. Consistent use is believed to help calm your pet’s nerves. Even without THC, CBD may be very beneficial for pets with behavioral problems and nervousness.
  • Skin and fur- Paired with omega fatty oils, CBD oil is thought to help improve skin elasticity, combat inflammation, and help stop hair loss. There are claims that a pet’s fur will eventually be smoother, softer, and thicker than before use.
  • Seizures- Another significant reason to consider CBD for your pet is that it has been shown to reduce the number of seizures in dogs. Epilepsy is difficult and very stressful to address in pets, so CBD has many people understandably optimistic.
  • Joint pains and arthritis- CBD is believed to help ease pain, including in your pet’s joints. Daily use in pets with arthritis may help improve their quality of life by decreasing their constant aches.

Where to Get CBD for Pets

It is easier than ever to find CBD products of all kinds. You can check your local dispensary for pet-safe products. Most large grocery and pet stores now carry CBD products, specifically for cats and dogs. Products list the ingredients and CBD dose with recommendations for the weight of your pet.

Many small businesses are popping up that offer natural, CBD-infused pet treats and foods. Some smaller companies even offer customized products for your pet, like CBD birthday cakes.

If you are interested in exploring CBD for your pet, it is no longer difficult to locate products. Online retailers also sell these items. More and more companies specialize in cannabis products for all kinds of pets.

Veterinarian Opinions

Vets do not recommend CBD as a standalone treatment for existing health conditions because it is a relatively new trend with few known long-term effects. They are not likely to suggest ceasing use, but they are not able to prescribe cannabis treatments.

Asking your vet about CBD may result in helpful information and resources to learn more about the studies being done regarding pets. Always tell your vet if you are consistently giving your pet CBD so that they can have that information on record.


Cannabis enthusiasts tout CBD as a miracle, with countless health benefits. In truth, there may indeed be a reason for excitement, but science-based studies are still being done. Even so, it does appear to be extremely safe, even if the benefits are being debated.

CBD is widely available and pet owners now have the luxury to choose from a variety of products. Consult your local and state regulations if you are unsure of the legality of CBD use, as it may vary by locality.

As a responsible pet owner, you should always conduct your own research before giving your pet anything new. However, CBD is a safe and popular ingredient in many new pet products.