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Pet Grooming – What You Need to Know

What is pet grooming?

While most pet owners will immediately think about health, diet, and playing when talking about their pet’s wellbeing, not many will think of grooming. And yet, this too is an essential aspect of the life of a happy and healthy furry friend.

Pet grooming essentially refers to the process of cleaning and caring for an animal’s body, in a way that optimizes its health. Pet grooming can also be done purely for aesthetic reasons, to enhance a pet’s appearance.

Of course, the type of grooming performed will be determined by a range of factors, such as the animal’s breed, health requirements, and the owner’s preferences.

Different types of pet grooming

At Buena Vet, we specialize in a range of different grooming services for cats and dogs (if wondering about other types of pets, we strongly suggest you contact us). Some of the most common grooming practices that we offer include:

  • Brushing – Regularly brushing your pet’s coat helps keep it looking sleek and elegant. Not only that, but brushing can also reduce build-up, and discourage the accumulation of dirt and grime on your pet’s coat between baths. For medium and long-haired dogs, brushing is also an important step to prevent shedding.
  • Nail Trimming – This can be a pain even for some humans, let alone for some pets. And yet, nail trimming is just as essential as brushing or bathing for an animal’s wellbeing. The good news is, when done professionally, nail trimming doesn’t need to be invasive or painful for pets, owners, or groomers alike.
  • Bathing – Shampooing your dog’s fur is another important aspect of making sure their coat stays nice and luscious, and so, should be done regularly. Aside from an uptick in appearance (and odor!), bathing is a great opportunity for your groomer to perform a quick check-up on your pet. During bathing, we will inspect your pet for ticks, fleas, bites, or other injuries that might be hidden by your dog’s coat.
  • Teeth Brushing – While this may surprise some pet owners, brushing your pet’s teeth is just as important for an animal as it is for you. It helps prevent build-up and ensures proper dental health for your pet. However, it’s important that you let a professional take care of this grooming task. When brushing has not been a part of an animal’s life, it can be tricky to introduce it suddenly, and may even prove dangerous. On top of that, brushing a pet’s teeth is a delicate task that requires care and experience.
  • Cutting Hair – last but not least, haircuts are a must when visiting a grooming salon. Just like you yourself need to get regular trims, in order to preserve the vitality and health of your hair, so too does your pet. Getting regular haircuts keeps your dog’s hair from matting and ensures neatness.


How often do you need grooming?

Different pets require grooming at different intervals. Ideally, you will want to consult with your vet or your groomer, to determine the appropriate grooming frequency for your pet. Largely, this will depend on the size of your dog, and on how quickly its hair grows.

When it comes to brushing, long-haired dogs will need the most attention (brushing is recommended once a day), and short-haired dogs the least (with a brushing session every few weeks being more than enough). Obviously, if you decide to brush your pet’s coat every day, you won’t need to visit a special grooming salon for that, but try to schedule professional grooming services for long-haired dogs at least once every 2-3 weeks.

Bathing frequency, once again, depends on hair length, as well as time spent outdoors. Dogs with long coats, or who spend most of their time outdoors require a bath once a week, while shorter-haired pets and indoor dogs can do with a bath once or twice a month.

You’ll also want to get your pet a nail trim about once a month, although dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, once again, may need fewer trims (since their nails are getting filed down through natural wear and tear).

A long-haired dog will require a haircut about once a month, while short-haired and medium-haired dogs can get away with getting one once every 6-8 weeks.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to brush your pet’s teeth daily, though that may be easier said than done. Try to get in 2-3 brushes per week, though, for optimal health. All in all, it would be great if you could take your pet to a groomer like Buena Vet about once a month, so they can get their necessary haircuts, nail trims, baths, and other requirements.

However, since every pet is a little different, the best option is to reach out to a professional groomer, and determine the necessary services (and the ideal frequency) for your pet!

Buena Vet is your stop for any veterinary needs. As one of the top veterinarian offices in California, we take pride in what we do. Give us a call today!