Jordan Daniels, RVT

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Jordan has more than eight years experience working in veterinary clinics and is a Registered Veterinary Technician since 2012. She always strives to learn new things that will help her to be a better technician. Music is also a significant part of Jordan’s life. She recently completed an associate’s degree in Music from Ventura College and enjoys both performing and composing in her free time.

Jordan adopted Fletch when she was living in Illinois and knew she wanted to adopt an adult cat, as they often get overlooked and spend years in shelters. She went to the Animal Protective League in Springfield IL and introduced herself to the adult cats but nobody was saying “pick me, pick me” so she wasn’t sure what to do. Then a man walked out of the kitchen area holding a large orange tabby cat and asked if she had met Fletch. When he was about 4 feet away the cat jumped into her arms and she knew he was meant to come home with her.

When she went to the shelter to adopt a dog a couple years later, she had a particular dog in mind that she had seen on Petfinder. However when she got to the shelter that dog had already been adopted. She was going to just leave and continue her search online when one of the shelter staff introduced her to a puppy that had just been found roaming the streets a few days before and hadn’t yet been listed on Petfinder. It was love at first snuggle. She named him Riley, and he fell asleep in her lap on the drive home.

Jordan’s most recent adoption is a 14-year-old mini schnauzer she named Dobby because now he is a free elf. He was matted from head to toe, except for patches of missing fur. His eyes and ears were infected, his teeth were mostly rotten, and she would later come to learn that he had bladder stones and an enlarged prostate as well. Slowly but surely his problems are being addressed by the amazing team at Buena Vet and he is already a much happier dog.

Jordan also enjoys sewing and crafting, writing, and hiking.