Desiree Patrick, Veterinary Assistant

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Desiree grew up in Florida where she’s worked as a Veterinary Assistant for the past 8 years due to her strong interest in medicine, caring for others, and an endless love for animals. She plans on going to school in the near future to obtain her goal of becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician with a specialty in Exotics or majoring in Human Psychology.

Desiree has two Siberian Husky dogs, Dallas, and Nova. 7 year old, Dallas found his forever home with Desiree since an acquaintance could no longer care for him. 3-year-old Nova was adopted from the Camarillo shelter when Desiree moved to Ventura.

Desiree considers herself to be a homebody and expert in the art of “couch potatoing.” When she’s not lounging around, Desiree enjoys hiking, road trips, exploring new places and trying new things.