Cally, Veterinary Assistant

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Cally, Veterinary AssistantCally joined the Buena Vet team in 2019 and has worked in the veterinary field since 2016. Her love for animals and desire to help them live better lives motivated her to begin her veterinary education in 2009, and she is currently working towards becoming a registered veterinary technician.

At home, Cally has a menagerie of her own that includes dogs Phoebe, Chunk and Sugar; Cassius the cat, a chameleon named Ragnar and Loki the leopard gecko. Her pets have amazing stories: she bottle-fed Cassius when he was found abandoned at one day old and all her canines are rescues as well. Ragnar, however, literally rose from the dead! After he hatched from an egg Cally bought at a reptile expo, she though he hadn’t survived, so she placed him in a shoebox for burial. Luckily, she later had a feeling she should check on him and miraculously, her baby chameleon was alive! Over a year later, he is still thriving under Cally’s attentive care.

When Cally isn’t working or reanimating reptiles, she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband Brian and their kids and pets.