Brooke, Veterinary Assistant

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BrookeBrooke began working at Buena Vet in August 2018 and has been in the field for a year and a half. Brooke’s passion is healing and comforting animals, which is why she got started in the veterinary industry. Growing up with an anxiety disorder she found profound comfort in being in the presence of animals and wants to be a similar support for them in their lives. She aspires to attain her registered veterinary technician (RVT) license within the next couple years, and eventually become a veterinarian.

She currently has a dog named Lincoln, a 1-year-old chihuahua/dachshund mix that she rescued from a shelter, and the brightest joy in her life! She also has two 12-year-old Siamese cats that are talkative sisters, also rescued from a shelter. Finally, she has a chameleon named Merlin who is a cool little dude. In her free time, she loves singing, hiking, and going to the beach. She recently moved from Connecticut to California about two years ago and she couldn’t be happier!